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ANNE (1665-1714). Queen of Great Britain and Ireland.
Letter Signed and subscribed in French ('Mon Frere / Votre bonne Soeur / Anne R'), to the duke of Lorraine, 2 pages folio with address-leaf, St James's, 23 April 1709. Assuring him of her continued mutual friendship, and supporting the interests and honour of his house. Referring to his support of the Grand Alliance, she says he will be compensated for not getting the duchy of Montferrat.
£1550 / $1999 / €1798 [No: 26256]
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CHARLES II (1630-1685). King of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Letter Signed (Charles R' at the head) addressed to 'ye Clerke of Our Signet attending', 1 page folio, Whitehall, 10 May, 13 Charles II [1661]. With integral second leaf bearing the endorsement 'Hutchinson office of Cormorantes / done' and the date. Countersigned by Sir Edward Nicholas (1593-1669, Secretary of State).
£1750 / $2257 / €2030 [No: 26610]

CROMWELL, Oliver (1599-1658). Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Document Signed, ('Oliver P[rotector]' at the top), 1 page folio (slightly spotted and browned but in overall good condition), Whitehall, 5 March 1657/8. A warrant addressed to the commissioners of the admiralty and navy to send a ship to Dieppe to collect Sir William Whitmore and his tutor and bring them back to any convenient port in England.
£6500 / $8385 / €7540 [No: 26007]
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EDWARD VIII (1894-1972). King of Great Britain and Ireland. Abdicated in 1936.
Autograph Letter Signed ('David') in pencil to his mistress Freda Dudley Ward, 4 pages 8vo on separate leaves, with the original typewritten envelope, 9 June 1919. A letter of considerable historical interest, suggesting that his brother Albert (the future King George VI), was conducting an illicit affair with Sheila, Lady Loughborough.
£2250 / $2902 / €2610 [No: 26201]

ELIZABETH, Queen (1900-2002). Consort of King George VI.
Christmas card signed, undated (traces of mounting on the back), with an inside picture showing a picture of her river-side Balmoral residence, Birkhall. The front of the card bears an embossed golden coronet.
£175 / $225 / €203 [No: 24267]
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FREDERICK II, The Great (1712-1786). King of Prussia.
Document Signed (hastily written 'Guht / Frederich'), 1 page folio with countersignature of Samuel von Marschall in the bottom right and the date, 12 May 1742. The text is also in the hand of von Marschall (1683-1749), finance minister to Frederick II.
£875 / $1128 / €1015 [No: 26417]
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GEORGE I (1660-1727). King of Great Britian and Ireland. Elector of Hanover.
Document Signed, a good bold signature, 1 page folio on vellum with papered seal and blue revenue stamps, given at St James's 11 January 1714/15. Appointing John Nutt to be a lieutenant in the regiment commanded by Lieutenant General William Seymour, the Queen's Regiment of Foot.
£850 / $1096 / €986 [No: 26553]

GEORGE II (1683-1760). King of Great Britain and Ireland. Elector of Hanover.
Document Signed, 1 page folio (oblong) on vellum with embossed blue revenue stamps (lacking papered seal), given at the court of St James's, 31 October 1733. Appointing Wenman Nutt an ensign in the regiment of foot commanded by Lord Cadogan.
£450 / $580 / €522 [No: 26544]

GEORGE III (1738-1820). King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
Signature in ink ('George R') cut from a vellum document. Tightly trimmed at the foot. A note of identification in ink giving the date as 1805.
£135 / $174 / €156 [No: 25319]

GEORGE IV (1762-1830). King of Great Britain and Ireland and king of Hanover.
Document Signed ('George PR') as Prince Regent, 1 page folio on vellum with papered seal, given at Carlton House, 1 December 1814. Appointing Eaton Monins ensign in the 52nd or Oxfordshire regiment of foot commanded by Sir Hildenbrand Oakes. Countersigned by Henry Addington, Viscount Sidmouth (1757-1844), formerly prime minister, as home secretary.
£350 / $451 / €406 [No: 26190]

GEORGE IV, as Regent (1762-1830). King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
Signature cut from a document, 19 May 1817, with partial list of Infantry volunteers overleaf.
£65 / $83 / €75 [No: 26402]
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HENRIETTA MARIA (1609-1669). Queen of Charles I.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Henriette Marie') in French, to Henry Rich, Lord Holland, her High Steward, 1 page 4to (one small hole), with address-leaf bearing two wax seals, no place, no date. Addressed A Mon cousin / le conte de holand. The two red wax armorial seals have the remains of pink coloured threads, and the small hole in the paper (touching a word or two) may have been made when the letter was opened.
£1650 / $2128 / €1914 [No: 25626]

HENRY, Duke of Gloucester (1900-1974). Son of George V.
Christmas Card, inscribed on the inside 'Henry', dated in pencil in another hand '1924'. The outside shows the prince's cypher.
£45 / $58 / €52 [No: 26440]
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JAMES II (1633-1701). King of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Letter Signed in French ('Votre affectionné Cousin / Jacques R'), to Cardinal Cacia, 1 page folio with address-leaf, St Germain en Laye, 24 January 1698. Thanking the cardinal for his letter of seasonal greetings and for his continued good will, and conveying his own testimony of friendship
£1750 / $2257 / €2030 [No: 26416]
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[KENT, Edward Augustus, Duke of (1767-1820). Father of Queen Victoria.]
Series of letters by Prince Edward's long-standing mistress, Thérèse-Bernardine de Saint Laurent, comtesse de Montegenêt, Paris, 1820-1823. Twelve long Autograph Letters Signed signed 'T.B. comtesse de Montgenet', largely to Mr Pocock, in fluent but but not always accurate English. Bound in paper-covered boards (modern tape repair) similar to Middle-Hill boards.
£1250 / $1612 / €1450 [No: 25933]
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MARIE THERESE (1638-1683). Queen consort of Louis XIV of France.
Document Signed ('Marie Terese'), 1 page folio (oblong) on vellum, 12 October 1665. Appointing as head baker to her household Jacques Lannier (or Asnier) in succession his father, Antoine Lannier.
£450 / $580 / €522 [No: 21206]
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ORLEANS, Louis C.P.R., duc de Nemours (1814-1896). Second son of King Louis-Philippe.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Louis Philippe D'Orléans'), in English, to an unnamed correspondent, 2 pages 8vo with integral blank leaf, Orleans House, 28 June 1863. Expressing thanks for his having been elected an honorary member of the Cosmopolitan Club, and promisng to attend the evening meetings.
£65 / $83 / €75 [No: 24048]

ORLEANS, Louis C.P.R., duc de Nemours (1814-1896). Second son of King Louis-Philippe.
Autograph Letter Signed (in French) to M. de Jarnac, 2 pages 8vo (blank leaf removed, just affecting the end of the signature), York House, Twickenham, 10 February 1869. Thanking him for his letter, reminiscing about happy times past, sending news of mother and infant, and looking forward with anticipation to his next visit.
£55 / $70 / €63 [No: 24049]

ORLEANS, Louis, duc d' (1822-1897). Fourth son of Louis-Philippe; leader of the Orleanists.
Autograph Letter Signed in French to an unnamed correspondent ('Mon cher Comte'), 2 pages 8vo, 5 rue de Castiglione, Paris, 16 May 1872. Accepting, on his own and his son's behalf, an invitation to dine, at which they will meet Madame de Montalembert.
£45 / $58 / €52 [No: 24024]
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PHILIP AND MARY. King and Queen of England
Letter Signed by Mary Tudor and by Philip II (of Spain) as King of England to William, Baron Paget (1505/6-1603), 29 January 1555. Single page folio (oblong) with complete address-leaf bearing also a contemporary endorsement. Bound in grey boards with gilt-lettered leather label; in exceptionally fine condition.
£17500 / $22575 / €20300 [No: 26614]
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RAINIER III, Prince (1923-2005). Sovereign Prince of Monaco.
Typewritten Letter Signed to Miss Doris Stewart in Cheshire, 1 page 4to on flimsy paper with the royal crest at the top, Palace of Monaco, 11 June 1970. Thanking Miss Stewart for her birthday wishes and enclosing a colour postcard-sized photogaph of himself, Princess Grace, Prince Albert and the princesses Caroline and Stephanie.
£85 / $109 / €98 [No: 25639]
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WILLIAM III (1650-1702). King of England, Scotland and Ireland, and prince of Orange.
Document Signed, 1 page folio on vellum with the papered seal intact (age-worn with a some holes slightly affecting the text, a little faint), Breda, 22 May 1694. Countersigned in the lower left hand corner by William Blathwayt (ca 1650-1717).
£850 / $1096 / €986 [No: 26460]

WILLIAM IV (1765-1837). King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
Document Signed, 1 page folio on vellum with papered seal, given at St James's, 19 November 1830 (the first year of the reign; he had succeeded on 26 June). Appointing Eaton Monins to be a major in the 69th or South Lincolnshire regiment of foot commanded by General Sir John Hamilton. Countersigned by William Lamb, second Viscount Melbourne (later prime minister) as home secretary.
£285 / $367 / €330 [No: 26192]
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