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GEORGE IV (1762-1830). King of Great Britain and Ireland and king of Hanover.
Document Signed as king, 1 page folio on vellum with papered seal, given at Carlton House, 10 January 1822. Appointing Eaton Monins adjutant to the 52nd or Oxfordshire regiment of foot commanded by Lieutenant General Sir Hildebrand Oakes.

Sir Hildebrand Oakes (1754-1822) had served in America under Cornwallis, was present at the attack on Charleston in June 1776 and did not return to England until May 1784. He was civil and military commissioner of Malta from 1810 until 1813. The plague on the island which killed 5000 occurred during his period in government there. Oxford DNB records that he succeeded 'Sir Thomas Moore' [sic - for Sir John Moore] as colonel of the 52nd light infantry on 25 January 1809. Sir John Moore had been killed at Corunna on 16 January.

£425 [No: 26188]
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