BRODIE, Sir Benjamin Collins, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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BRODIE, Sir Benjamin Collins (1783-1862). Surgeon.
Autograph Letter Signed to Lord Monteagle, 6½ pages 8vo, Broome, Betchworth, Jersey, 5 November 1853. In reply to Monteagle's report on 'the state of things in Ireland', he sends information about the position of land and labourers in Jersey, and reports on the satisfactory recovery from the operation of Mrs Whewell.
'... I have heard of a very few instances of English people making purchase of encumbered estates & going to live in Ireland. ... I am too old for such a speculation, but if I were a young man with money at my disposal I would certainly prefer that mode of industry to anything in England, where land can no more be purchased for less than 28 or 29 year purchase ... .'
Lord Montgeagle (Thomas Spring-Rice, 1790-1866, First Baron Monteagle of Brandon in Kerry) held many high offices in both Canning's and Lord Grey's administrations and was a renowned expert on Irish matters
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The image is of the first page only.

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