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BARBIROLLI, Sir John (1899-1970). Conductor.
Programme of a recital at Grange Park School, Lancashire on 22 October 1946, signed by Barbirolli, Laurance Turner, Clifford Knowles and Sydney Errington. A souvenir of a recital in which Barbirolli stood in at short notice for his friend Alexander Young as cellist. It is notable that Allegretto vivace was omitted from Beethoven's Quartet Op. 59 No 1.
The original owner of the programme, besides recording that the second movement of the first Rasoumovsky Quartet had been left out, also notes that Beethoven's Quartet Op. 8 No 3 was played first, presumably as an additional item. A press-cutting gives the background:
'... Mr Young had been taken ill, and ... Mr Barbirolli consented, at short notice, to appear, in view of his long-standing friendship with Mr Turner. The audience ... was taken entirely by surprise at the appearance of the celebrity figure, who received an ovation at the conclusion of the performance. ...'
[No: 8162]

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