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ORWELL, George Pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair (1903-1950). Writer and novelist.
Typewritten Letter Signed to F D Barber together with correspondence from Barber, 1 page 8vo (oblong), on writing paper of The Tribune, 29 February 1944. Promising to have another look at Barber's story My Lad if is can be cut to 1500 words ('which is our maximum'), but refusing to undertake to publish it.
Orwell took on the literary editorship of The Tribute in 1942. He himself admitted that anyone with a background of free-lance journalism was unsuitable for an editorship. He often accepted pieces which he knew were unacceptable, a failing caused by the memory of his own feelings after years of getting rejection slips. The post did, however, allow him to write a column, As I Please, wherein he was given the freedom to express his views on a range of subjects.
 Copies of two letters from Barber to Orwell, sending his story for publication, and a correspondence between Barber and the archivist of the George Orwell Archive at University College with a list of manuscripts and typescripts held there, accompany the letter.
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