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Illustration is of one of the photographs

GLYN, Elinor (1864-1943). Novelist.
Collection of six Autograph Letters Signed (3 with initials, 2 in pencil) and three Christmas cards to Betty Ross, 3 envelopes, Christmas 1934 to 26 December 1938. Charmingly playful letters ('dear little Betty Ross') making arrangements to meet, sending thanks, and telling of her visit to Bath ('I could write yards of all the beautiful guests I have met').
Two of the Christmas cards consist of photographs of Miss Glyn, one in her drawing room before the famous tiger skin, the other a postcard-sized portrait, both inscribed to Betty Ross.
'... I am glad you like the stuff in the Sunday Express. It is just cuts here & there of the real memoirs, denuded of all the philosophy & reasonings, & many of the incidents. They picked out bits which they hoped might be exciting!!! ... Do you think serialising helps the sale of books, or hinders? I am inclined to think hinders. ...'

[No: 8138]

Illustration is of one of the photographs

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