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The Province or Colony of Rhode Island

GEORGE III and Rhode Island.
Important Document Signed, addressed to Henry Fox, Paymaster General of the Forces, 2 pages folio with integral docketed second leaf, undated [1761-62]. A warrant for the payment of £9,328 out of a total of £200,000 granted for the North American Provinces to the Province of Rhode Island in compensation for levying, clothing and paying the troops.
'... We do hereby Direct Authorise and Command that out of any Monies in your hands that may be applied to this service of that shall be issued to you for the same you do pay unto such Person or Persons who is or are or shall be duly authorised and impowered for and on the behalf of the said Province or Colony of Rhode Island to receive the same the Sum of Nine thousand three hundred and twenty eight pounds without deduction and without account for the proper compensation to the said Province for the Expences thereof incurred in the levying cloathing and Pay of the Troops raised by the said Province as aforesaid. ...'
As the space for the date has been left blank it is possible that the document was never issued although it bears all the necessary signatures, the counter-signers being [William Wildman] Barrington (Chancellor of the Exchequer 21 March 1761 to 8 May 1762); Sir Gilbert Elliot, third Baron Minto, (Lord of the Treasury 1761-62, and James Oswald (Commissioner of the Treasury 1759-63). The date would therefore appear to be 1761-62.
Documents signed by King George III specifically relating to the American Provinces are exceptionally rare on the market.
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The image is of the first page only.

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