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EPSTEIN, Sir Jacob (1880-1959). Sculptor.
Autograph Letter Signed to [John] Scott-Taggart, 2 pages 8vo (some browning), 18 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington, 17 October [1951]. An explication of the finances of a sculptor in explanation of why he must charge £100 for a bronze ('the casting ... will have cost me £25 and other expenses').
'... The finances of a sculptor are very curious & you will probably be surprised to know that a sculptor is doomed to a life time of debt. The project for the convent [?Cavendish Square, London] so grand in its conception has up to now not brought me a penny piece & actually I've spent money on it, but my hope is that funds for the great project will come. ...'
[No: 7626]

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