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ARLEN, Michael (1895-1956). Novelist.
Autograph Letter Signed to Walter, 2 pages 4to, Villa Edgeroad, Cannes, 15 September no year [1928]. A good letter written just after his marriage to Atalanta, daughter of Count Mercati, thanking Walter ('Dear old Walter! Gods blessed gift to women!') for his good wishes and discussing plans for the future.
'... Our plans are delightfully vague. We have no home, no preference for any particular country. We shall travel, I think, for some years and then settle in the best of all cities, London. Since my illness last year ... I have somehow lost all desire to make any more money than I can do comfortably. I don't mean that I don't work hard. I have never written harder. But I really am trying to learn my job, to write as well as I can. ...'
Despite his tremendous success, Arlen never felt his work was serious or important. In later years, he refused to have his novels reprinted, on the grounds that they were not good enough.
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The image is of the second page only.

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