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GANDHI, M.K. (1869-1948). Hindu nationalist and spiritual leader.
Signed copy of his Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule, paperback third edition (small corner missing from the cover, some soiling). The signature is on the contents page with the inscription With loving regards / M K Gandhi / Segaon / 10-1-38'.
The book, written in the form of a dialogue between the 'Reader' and the 'Editor', covers the history behind English rule in India lays out Gandhi's formula for government and personal renewal when home rule is achieved.
 Segaon was a small village of 600 inhabitants. Gandhi, who felt he could not ask his followers to settle in small villages unless he did so himself, settled there in 1936. He thought of spending the rest of his life there, but many of his followers objected because of the remoteness of the village. No telephone, post or telegraph meant that they could not stay in touch with their leader.
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