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GALTON, Sir Francis (1822-1911). Founder of 'eugenics' and the science of fingerprinting.
Three Autograph Letters Signed, [one to Walter Raleigh Browne], two to Mrs Browne, in all 9 pages 8vo, 42 Rutland Gate, 15 May 1868, 13 December 1884 and 19 January 1900. Discussing a paper of Browne's with reference to one of his own, sympathising with Mrs Browne on the death of her husband and asking her to fill in a questionaire for him.
Walter Raleigh Browne (1842-1884) was a civil engineer and founder of the Society for Psychical Research. He often lectured on evidences of Christianity and organized a private conference with the Archbishop of Canterbury with the aim of encouraging men of science to reaffirm their religious beliefs and to publish a series of articles in the Contemporary Review on the state of the various sciences.
'... The conditons of the problem are very clearly stated in your Principle 2. ... The mathematical results are clear enough but for practical purposes, the fractional cases are inadmissable & it wd not do to give an ordinary traveller a formula of which he would have to make a number of tentative solutions before hitting on one that included only integrals. ... '
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