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MARTINEAU, James (1805-1900). Unitarian divine.
Autograph Letter Signed to Walter R[aleigh] Browne, 3½ pages 8vo, 35 Gordon Square, London, 26 November 1881. Declining to join Browne's committee though his sympathies lie with their object, and urging him to argue his case on strictly logical grounds.
Walter Raleigh Browne (1842-1884) was a civil engineer and founder of the Society for Psychical Research. He often lectured on evidences of Christianity and organized a private conference with the Archbishop of Canterbury with the aim of encouraging men of science to reaffirm their religious beliefs and to publish a series of articles in the Contemporary Review on the state of the various sciences.
'... To scientific soundness of advance, it is certainly of the utmost importance to discriminate verified laws from hypothetical extensions of them. But to stake religious conviction upon this difference, so as to say in effect "Your anti-theistic conception is not yet made good", appears to me to be taking ground essentially precarious and far lower than is needful. Were the Evolution hypothesis to be somehow verified tomorrow, I confess it would make no difference whatever in my belief in a Divine Author of all .... .'
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