GOMME, Sir [George] Laurence, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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The image is of the fourth page of one letter only

GOMME, Sir [George] Laurence (1853-1916). Anthropologist.
Two good Autograph Letters Signed to North, in all 8 pages 8vo, writing paper of the Archaeological Review and The Folklore Society, 2 January 1889 and 13 March 1893. Discussing various publications and papers and their authors.
'... I am certainly able to contribute two or three papers from my collections (when I get time to work them up ) - totemism, primitive residences as index to primitive economy, the non-Aryans of Britain ... .
 ' ... A paper from you on Cinderella would have been very attractive. ...'

[No: 7320]

The image is of the fourth page of one letter only

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