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[ELIZABETH I] (1533-1603). Queen of England.
Document under the Great Seal, 155 x 355 mm (6½ x 14 inches) on vellum, dated at Westminster, 2 March, 28 Elizabeth [1586]. A large portion (about half) of the second Great Seal (designed by Nicholas Hilliard) attached by the original vellum tag.
A licence of alienation from John Stuckley Esq to Thomas Melhuishe, gentleman, in respect of lands in Witheridge, Devon.
 Alienation was the transfer of a holding by sale rather than by inheritance. A licence was required from the lord, who would of course collect a fee. If the holding was from the Crown, there were also licences and fees and fines for 'pardons'. The functions of the Alienation Office were eventually transferred to the Treasury.
[No: 7317]

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