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GODOLPHIN, John (1617-1678). Civilian; judge of the Admiralty & King's advocate.
Fine Autograph Letter Signed to the Earle of Lauderdale, 1 page folio with integral address-leaf and red wax seal, Doctors Commons, 23 February 1664. An interesting letter outlining his legal opinion as to the difference between 'derelict' and 'shipwreak' both in general and specifically in the case in question.
'... Ye First Question is whether the shipp & goods will belong to the Admirall as Wreck or Derelict, supposing the 3 men did stay aboard till the shipp broke, or supposing there was Dogg or Catt or sheep alive in her? ... .
 Bona inimicorum is a Jewell too precious for any Subiect to take out of the Crowne withough Ex gratia Principis or iure Belli, neyther of which can the Admirall pretend to in this Case. ...'

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