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BABBAGE, Charles (1792-1871). Inventor of the mechanical calculating machine.
Autograph Letter Signed to the publisher John Murray, 1 page 8vo (extensive traces of mounting, with some weakness repaired), Dorset Street, 2 May 1856. Introducing 'Mr Cracroft a young friend of mine'.
'... I think ten minutes conversation with you will be of much use to him ...'
Babbage's relations with John Murray were not always to be so cordial. When he had drafted his reminiscences, Passages from the Life of a Philosopher, he had intended that Murray should publish them. However, Murray felt obliged to write to Babbage on 21 June 1864 having taken great offence at a section of the chapter on 'Wit' where Babbage repeats a mildly scurrilous anti-catholic anectode which he had previously related to Murray in person. The book was later published by Longman, Green.
 We have not positively identified Cracroft.
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