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DE FOREST, Lee (1873-1961). American inventor; 'the Father of Radio'.
Correspondence with the Royal Society of Arts, Adelphi, London, consisting of a Typewritten Letter Signed from de Forest, one from Mrs de Forest and copies of letters to him. De Forest's letter, dated 1 August 1938, asks for a list of Americans engaged in Electrical engineering or physics who are members of the Royal Society of Arts, as a preliminary to accepting nomination.
De Forest appears to have finally become a member in 1960. A letter from the Registrar of the Society, dated 2 September 1960, explains that the privileges of Fellowship would not be available until the subscription had been paid. The letter from Mrs de Forest informs him that her husband is confined to bed and cannot read any more, so that the Monthly Journal would not be useful to him. A further letter waives the subscription fee and upholds de Forest's election as Benjamin Franklin Fellow.
 De Forest did most of his pioneering radio work in the earlier part of the century, including the introduction of radio news in 1916 and the exhibition of sound-on-film motion pictures in 1923.
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