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EVELYN, John (1620-1706). Diarist.
Document Signed, 1 page folio (corner of bottom right missing, probably the seal), 7 November 1653. Binding Evelyn and William Pretyman to William Joburne, baker of Deptford, for the sum of £1,500, also signed by Pretyman and witnessed by John Pretyman and John Higgins.
The document undoubtedly refers to lands bought in connection with Evelyn's acquisition of Saye Court in Deptford, the additional lands being later made into one of the most famous gardens in England. William and John Pretyman were uncles of Evelyn's wife. The property had been leased by the crown to Evelyn's father-in-law, Sir Richard Browne and occupied by William Pretyman during his absence abroad. Evelyn took up residence there in 1647 at the wish of his father-in-law, but after the execution of Charles I, the property was seized. Evelyn then bought it back from those who had purchased it from the Trustees of Forfeited Estates. The resulting complicated negotiations were not resolved until 1653, the year of this document. Evelyn and his family lived in the house for 40 years.
 Provenence: R E D Rawlins, sale at Sotheby 2-4 June, 1980, lot 1122; private collection.
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