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DANBY, Francis (1793-1861). Painter.
Autograph Letter Signed to Sam [?Redgrave], 1 page 8vo (laid down on an album leaf), Exmouth, 4 January 1858. Wishing Sam a happy new year, exhorting him to visit, enticing him to come with the story of a wreck near his house, and sending greetings to fellow-artist Charles Branwhite.
'... it may not be as picturesque as one could wish as she is in a very snug sheltered place, but is is a "wreck" never to float again. ...'
Danby's friend Redgrave said of him 'His pictures are true poetry as compared with prose - noble prose it may be - of many who have great reputation as landscape painters'. Danby had been forced to retire to Exmouth after some years in exile, because of a domestic scandal which prevented his reaching the heights of success many thought his due.
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