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LAWRENCE, D.H. (1885-1930). Poet, novelist and essayist.
Autograph Poem Signed, entitled 'Eden', in a copy of his Love Poems and Others, (Roberts A3. 1913), probably written early in 1917. The poem is inscribed, on the verso of the free front endpaper 'To the Soldiers and Sailors who are made blind', and an ownership inscription by Bata Krishna Singha dated 24 June 1916 is on the recto of the same leaf.
This is the as-yet-unpublished second draft of a poem which eventually appeared as 'Elysium' in Look, We Have Come Through. The first draft, entitled 'The Blind', written on the brown card back-cover of one of the exercise books in which Lawrence wrote the autograph draft of Women in Love, is very much a working manuscript, with numerous deletions and insertions [University of Texas]. Nevertheless this second version, written as a fair copy, shows several changes from the draft, and illustrates an on-going process of revision and change. Nowhere is this more evident than in the first verse, where the words 'loneliness' and 'loveliness' in the first line, having been transposed in the draft are here again reversed. In the second line 'loveliness' is Lawrence's second thought. Only 'lonelier' in the third line appears to have survived its concepion intact. Lawrence himself had only just failed his medical test to replace those who had been wounded at the Front, on the grounds of his poor constitution and susceptibility to pneumonia, and may have been particularly conscious of the physical disabilities of returning soldiers.
I have found a place of loneliness
Lovelier than Lyonesse,
Lonelier than Paradise.

Full of a sweet stillness
Which no day can distress,
Never a noise transgress. ...

The book is very worm-eaten with damp-stains on the nearly detached cover. Contained in a preservative box.
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