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BOURCHIER, John, third Earl of Bath (c. 1499-1561). Commissioner at the trial of Lady Jane Grey.
Autograph Letter Signed ('John Bathon') to his wife [Margaret], 1 page 4to with address-leaf, (some foxing, a few words blurred), Hengrave, 3 November 1550. A fine example of a domestic letter. Reporting that he has arranged for their household to be provided with grain, and discussing a proclamation.
'... I have spoken to fenne to debate with Thomas Browne for the provysion of Corne for owre household who hath donne the same accordingly. And hath provided corne ynowghe to s[er]ve youre owne borde with untyll newe cum agayne. Ther is a comyssyon with a proclamacyon cum downe to all Justices of peaxce for the sealyng of the p[or]tes & the order of the same. ...'
Edward's brief reign was marked by economic difficulties and sporadic agrarian unrest. The replacement of arable land by sheep pastures and the growing movement for inclosure led the government to investigate the situation by appointing a series of commissions.
 Although harvests were generally good, the export of corn was forbidden when prices reached an unacceptable level. The recent proclamation to which Bourchier refers is probably one dated 20 October 1550 setting prices for grain and halting its export. (See Hughes & Larkin, Tudor Royal Proclamations I (1964), no. 366).
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