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HELENA VICTORIA (1870-1948). Princess. Granddaughter of Queen Victoria.
Typewritten Letter Signed to Mrs de Rothschild with autograph super- and sub-script, 2 pages 4to, on writing paper of the Housing Association for Officers' Families, 21 April 1917. Requesting patronage for a matinee benefit for the charity, the proceeds, if sufficient, to be allocated to the Florence Nightingale Hospital for Gentlewomen.
'With the assistance of Lady Lowther, Mrs. Harold Nicolson, Mrs. Christopher Lowther, Mrs. Brinton and Mr. Gerald du Maurier ... Mr. Alfred Butt has generously placed the Palace Theatre at our disposal on June 15th. when the programme will be both attractive and original. ...'

[No: 5629]

The image is of the first page only.

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