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ELGAR, Sir Edward (1857-1934). Composer.
Good Autograph Letter Signed to his publisher Leslie [Boosey], 2 pages 8vo, Grand Hotel, Eastbourne, 9 November 1926. Apologising for his previous letter, which may have been 'somewhat crude' and giving Boosey latitude to make arrangements however he likes or thinks best.
'... As you say I have no rights in the matter you cannot expect me to accept charity so I think I am out of it.'
The letter relates to a plan by a movie maker, S W Smith, that Elgar should write music to a silent film to be called 'Land of Hope & Glory', and to conduct the orchestra during its performance. Elgar was offered £100 to do the job, and immediately refused it as being too little, under the mistaken belief that he owned the copyright to the actual title. The copyright was actually owned by Boosey & Hawkes and when this was pointed out to Elgar he wrote the 'crude' letter to which he refers here, attempting to extract money out of contracts from years before.
 In the event Elgar agreed to conduct the first performance of the film on 11 November 1927, probably the only occasion on which he was involved in the cinema.
 See J N Moore Elgar & His Publishers, page 853; the full correspondence relating to this matter is published, the other letters being in the Boosey & Hawkes archives.
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The image is of the second page only.

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