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FURNISS, Harry (1854-1925). Caricaturist and illustrator.
Fine series of 14 Autograph Letters Signed, including a sketch of Hentschel, a typewritten 'Manifesto' signed, with additional correspondence, October 1900 - February 1912. Providing an interesting view of the association between Furniss and Carl Hentschel first as friends and then as business colleagues, and ranging from pleasant and optimistic beginnings to an acrimonious end.
Carl Hentschel was the founder of the Old Playgoers Club to which Furniss belonged. The early letter discusses a talk Furniss gave to the Club on the subject of 'Cabbages'. Hentschel was also a pioneer in newspaper illustration technology. The company he founded was initially very successful, but fell into financial difficulties through over-extension. Furniss was an early investor in the company, eventually becoming a Director. The two disagreed strongly over the relinquishment of Furniss's Directorship and return of his investment.
 The letters are written to Hentschel (10) and Mr Gibbons, another Board member; there are handwritten copies of three letters of Hentschel's and typed copies of the latter correspondence. Furniss's original share certificate is included.
'Believe me I most fully appreciate your personal kindness in this matter, and I would gladly and immediately increase my holding in the Colortype ... but that I have ... such a demand upon my purse I am unable to do so. ...' [Autograph Letter Signed to Hentschel, 1 June 1901.]
'... The only way in which to stay dry rot is to cut out the evil - but this is no occasion for metaphor, so in the plainest business English, I say that there must be a drastic change of the officials of this Company. ...' [Signed typewritten manifesto read at a Director's meeting, 1 October 1912.]
[No: 4764]

The image is of a specimen page only.

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