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[CHARLES I] (1600-1649). King of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Contemporary manuscript list of the procession to Parliament, 4 columns on 2 pages double folio, (tattered, minimal loss of text, old repairs), April 1640.
'The Proceeding to ye Parliament of the most high & Mightie Prince King Charles on Monday about twelve of the clocke in the forenoon the 13th of Aprill: 1640: in ye 16 yeare of his Mats Raigne on horseback from Whitehall to Westminster Abbay west doore & from the Church on foote to ye Parliam:t house. ...'
 '... And when he goeth out of the Church at ye south doore, the Gent of ye privie Chamber beare a Canopie over him to the parliament House. ...'
Short of funds and eager to subdue a rebellious Scotland, Charles summoned his first Parliament for eleven years to assemble in London on 13 April 1640. This Short Parliament (it was dissolved by Charles on the 5th of May) was unimpressed by both the pomp of the opening ceremony and the King's attempt to play on public outrage at Scottish 'treachery'; under the leadership of John Pym, they refused to grant the King supplies for a war with Scotland without first obtaining redress of the nation's grievances.
 The document, laid out in narrow columns, exactly represents the order of the procession, commencing with 'Messengers 2 & 2 / Trumpetts 2 & 2' and continuing with 'Masters of the Chancery' and other functionaries, 'Barons of the Exchequor' and legal dignitaries, many peers by names (some marked 'abs:', indicating that they were unable to attend, and suggesting that the list was edited after the event), etc. etc.
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