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CHARLES II (1630-1685). King of England.
Letter Signed to [Lord Belasyse], 1 page 4to, address-leaf, (some small holes, repaired, part of a word affected, slightly faded), Fuentar[r]abia, 14 November 1659. Written while in exile, promising Belasyse unspecified gains as a return for his loyalty and support, and instructing him to take his orders from Lord Mordaunt.
'... I question not but you will continue the same good inclinations and contribute your interest to my further service when you shall receive instructions by this gentleman my Lord Mordaunt, which I shall not looke onely on, as [a very] great testimony of your affection and Loyaltie, but sha[ll be] ready (when it shall please God to restore me) to proportion rewards suitable to your desires this you may depend on ... .'
Charles wintered in Fuentarrabia, on the Franco-Spanish border, in 1659. From here he kept in touch with his English contacts through Mordaunt, and hoped that his presence would galvanize the Spanish court to make good their promises of assistance.
 The address is written in a cipher, to protect the recipient. John, Baron Belasyse, (1615-1689) fought for Charles I. After the Restoration he was appointed Lord-Lieutenant of the East Riding.

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