EVANS, Sir E.R.G.R., Lord Mountevans, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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EVANS, Sir E.R.G.R., Lord Mountevans (1880-1957). Admiral and antarctic explorer.
Cheque Signed ('E.R.G.R. Evans') on a pre-printed form of the Westminster Bank, with two pence revenue stamp and the usual bank cancellations. A cheque made out on the account of the 'London Fairy Godfather', one of Evans's charitable enterprises in later life.
Evans (later to be known as 'Evans of the Broke' for his naval exploits) played an important part in the relief of Scott's first antarctic expedition, and was chosen by Scott to be his second-in-command and captain of the Terra Nova. In 1912 he accompanied Scott to within 150 miles of the South Pole before turning back, and was not aware until a year later of the tragic outcome of the expedition.
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