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CAMPBELL, Thomas (1777-1844). Poet.
Group of some twenty-six autograph letters, some fragmentary, to various correspondents, c.1814-1842 where dated. As is usual with Campbell's letters many have been trimmed to be mounted in albums, with consequent staining and traces of mounting.

Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Smith (an actress), 1 page 4to (trimmed), Sydenham, 2 May 1814: thanking her for tickets ('... it would give me no small pleasure to see you in Belvidere and I will do my best to be in London Monday evening to avail myself of one of the admissions which I have retained. ...').

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('My dear sir'), 1 page 4to, no place, no date (c.1817): asking him to 'frank the enclosed to Edinburgh' ('... I have been for many months in such wretched health as to be scarcely even able to be in town else I should have long ago had the pleasure of paying my respects to you. ...').

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('My dear sir'), 1 page 4to (trimmed), 52 Margaret Street, Cavendish [Square], 18 October 1821: 'I have been infinitely delighted with Mr Depping's article on [word crossed through] ...' (George Bernard Depping, 1784-1853, German-French historian).

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('My dear Madam' [?Price]), 2 pages 4to, 10 Upper Seymour Street West, 14 March 1824: giving his opinion 'of the genius of the writer who sent me the patriot & the apostate's daughter both of which pieces appeard in the N[ew] M[onthly] M[agazine] ...' (vol. 10, pages 194-195), and adding to his praise for these that the writer had submitted a further poem, which Campbell had considered not in sufficiently good taste for publication. (identity of the author not discovered); and sending his regards to Mr Price.

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('Dear Sir'), ½-page 4to (lacking lower half and signature), 10 Upper Seymour Street West, 20 March 1824: thanking him for an estimate for 'the repairs requir'd by Mr Holness', and passing on an offer of £10.

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('Dear Sir'), ½-page 8vo (trimmed), c.1825: 'I have no objections to the change of the day. I am sorry to say Mrs Campbell is not better this evening').

Brief Autograph Letter Signed to John Millar, 1 page 4to, Upper Seymour Street West, 14 December, probably 1825 (watermark 1824); 'This is by far too abstract matter for the N[ew] Monthly [Magazine].

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('Dear Sir'), 2 pages 8vo, Upper Seymour Street West, 11 April 1825: apologising for the delay in 'preparing a digested plan of the University', and promising to work on the project as soon as possible.

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('My dear Friend'), 1 page 8vo, Seymour Street West, 1 June 1826: Accepting an invitation to dine, but regretting that he had mislaid the card and couldn't recall the date.

Autograph Letter Signed to Dr Roget (presumably Peter Mark Roget, 1779-1869), 1 page 16mo with address-leaf, Seymour Street West, 12 December 1827: 'I am sorry I have no prospect of being able to accept of your kind invitation - being confined to my room & likely to be so for some time by severe indisposition').

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('My dear Lord'), 1 page 8vo (trimmed), Claremont Place, 14 April 1829: regretfully declining a dinner invitation.

Autograph Letter Signed to S[amuel] C[arter] Hall, 1 page 16mo with address-leaf, 'Wednesday', no date: asking him to call the next day and asking 'Pray has any communication of Mr Shiel's reached Mr Colbourns [sic]. - if not it will be very vexatious.'

Autograph Letter Signed to S[amuel] Bentley (1785-1868, partner and brother of Richard Bentley, publisher), 1 page 8vo (inlaid), 1 Middle Scotland Yard, 29 May 1830: Informing him that he had lost or mislaid Reade's letter, and sending a manuscript ('a pamphlet by a friend of mine') for publication.

Autograph Letter Signed to J. Linton, 1 page 8vo with address-leaf, no place, watermark 1830: inviting him to attend his lecture that evening (3 June) at the Holly Bush Assembly Rooms in Hampstead.

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('Dear Madam'), 1 page 8vo, '10 Marina Wednesday', no date c.1832: explaining that he would be absent in town (London) for about ten days, and attempting to interest her in 'my musical friend Mr Huntley' and to get her family to patronize his ball.

Autograph Letter Signed to the publisher Effingham Wilson, 1 page 4to with address-leaf, Sussex Chambers, Duke Street, St James's, 26 January 1833: asking him to call of Mrs Fitzhugh in connection the engraving of [Sarah] Siddons's picture.

Autograph Letter (third person), 1 page 16mo (laid down, stained), 18 Old Cavendish Street, 29 November 1833, accepting an invitation from Mrs Groom.

Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Carleton, 1 page 8vo, York Chambers, St James Street, 14 May 1836: complaining as usual about his health (a headache this time), which will prevent him from dining 'in Baker's Street'), and thanking her for her charitable note.

Autograph Letter Signed to H. Bishop (presumably Henry Rowley Bishop, 1786-1855, composer), 1 page 8vo, 61 Lincolns Inn Fields, 7 February 1839: telling him that he had called on 'Mr Marjoribanks & mention'd the affair of the musical professorship', and suggesting that Bishop should call on Marjobanks at Coutts's Bank' to discuss the matter 'which is still undecided'.

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('My dear Sir'), 1 page 8vo with blank leaf, 61 Lincolns Inn Fields, 21 July 1840: asking him to call at the home of Sir A[ugustus] W[all] Callcott to see Lady Callcott about a translation from English into French. Probably to Lucien de Rudelle in connection with the translation of Lady Maria Callcott's Journal of a Residence in India (1812) of which a French translation appeared in 1841.

Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Beattie', 1 page 8vo, 8 Victoria Square, Pimlico, 10 February 1842, inviting him to dinner.

Together with five undated letters (four of them laid down on the remains of album leaves): to a publisher about a projected new edition; mentioning Colbourne [sic]; bidding farewell to Edinburgh; promising to try to attend Mr Webb's 'conversazione'; and announcing that he had arranged to meet 'the Marquis Santerosa'.
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