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CUNNINGHAM, Allan (1784-1842). Poet and songwriter.
Four Autograph Letters Signed, 3 pages 8vo and 1 page 4to (with address-leaf), 1826-1833 where dated. A small group of unrelated letters.

To Thomas ?Gaspay at Walnut Tree Walk, Lambeth, 1 page 4to, 27 Belgrave Place, 15 May 1828, describing the dangeriously poor health of his youngest son, and thanking his correspondent for his notice of Cunningham's verses ('such friendly allusions are better than more direct criticisms').

To Jerdan (presumably William), 1 page 8vo, 29 November 1826, sending a 'Scots Almanack with the respects of our friend George Bagot the Bookseller'.

To John ?Black ('My dear friend'), 1 page 8vo, 24 June 1833, sending 'a note introducing Mr ?Coomes to Mr Wilkie'.

Brief note to George H. Gordon, on 1 page 8vo (old mounting to the reverse), Belgrave Place, 'Saturday', no date. An invitation ('a sight of you is always pleasant').
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