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CORELLI, Marie (1855-1924). Pseudonym of Mary Mackay, novelist.
Group of thirteen Autograph Letters Signed to various correspondents, with five related items.

All from Mason Croft unless otherwise indicated:
To Mrs Welch, Mrs Croker, Mrs Catterson Smith, Mrs ?Furby, Mrs ?Trellie, Mr Saumaurez, (25 June 1907, telling him that she would be going to Oxford to lunch at All Souls' and meet the Chancellor); 8 September 1909, to the London editor of the New York Times, sending information (not included) on behalf of the trustees of Harvard House [Stratford-upon-Avon], in the year in which the house was purchased by Edward Morris of Chicago and given to Harvard University; 29 April 1904 to 'Dr Watson' asking him to call 'sans cérémonie for 'a few minutes chat'. The two had evidently met in London, and Watson was now staying in Stratford; two notes, evidently both to the Bishopsgate Press, one asking for a copy of 'her little booklet on "Alexandra Day"', 29 June 1915, and drawing their attention to a paragraph in the previous day's Daily Graphic 'headed "National Day of Grace"'; to Dr Wilson asking when Florrie would be able to return to her place; and to 'My dear friend', 21 September 1900, promising an article by first post on Wednesday.
'... Many thanks for the Magazine. I am glad you were not compelled to curtail my remarks, as I don't think they are the worst of their kind. ...' (To an unnamed correspondent).

Together with an Autograph Letter Signed by Bertha Vyver, 28 February 1926, to Coulson Kernahan, regretting that 'Marie's Poems' had come out too late for the Christmas market, and suggesting that he would consider them ('a good review would be good')
'... I had an excellent review in the Manchester City News of Jan 9th. They called her a spontaneous singer etc. ...'
Cabinet-size reproduction of a drawing of the front door of Mason Croft (rather soiled), inscribed and signed as a New Year memento, 1905; reproduction photograph on card, signed in ink, and a press-cutting from London, describing a meeting with Marie Corelli, pasted down with a note: 'The word "doll-like" I may be pardoned for objecting to!'.
From Mason Croft, Earl's Court, Hans Place, Trossachs Hotel, 1889-1909 where dated.
[No: 26642]

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