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COBBE, Frances Power (1822-1904). Irish philanthropist & religious writer.
Miscellaneous group of 13 Autograph Letters Signed, in all 38 pages 8vo with 1 envelope, 26 Hereford Gardens, and Albany House, Weybridge, all undated as to year. Correspondents include Mary Carpenter (1807-1877, educationalist and penal reformer), Edward Walford (1823-1897, writer and compiler of reference works, 4 letters), Thomas Taylor, Miss Allinson, Mrs Simpson, etc.

'... I have a terrible fight before me tomorrow afternoon - & have no chance of the pleasure of seeing you - so pray call another day - not Wednesday.
 I cannot refuse dear Mrs Taylor your invitation you do me the honour to give me to lecture in the Chair at your meeting on the 22d April. While I am so hard pressed with this sorrowful fight work I do not want to appear in any
public Suffrage meeting so as not to give the enemy another chance for a shot at me. ...'
To Mrs Taylor.
'I send you an extract from the Encyclopaedia Britannica in which the identity of Wieland (as Wayland) Smith with Hephaesias is shown fairly. Pray your little Babkins "makes a new Sun every morning" for you ...'
To Mrs Joyce.
'... You will perhaps have seen in the papers what a war we were carrying on against the worse form of such cruelty Vivisection. The culprits were having recourse to falsehood but we shall bring them to book. ...'
To an unnamed correspondent.
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