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FROUDE, James Anthony (1818-1894). Historian.
Twenty-four Autograph Letters Signed (three envelopes) and 1 Autograph Letter (third person) in all 36 pages 8vo and 2½ pages 12mo, all without years noted (1892 post office stamp). Most of the letters were written from 5 Onslow Gardens where Froude lived after 1865, but others come from Kingsbridge, South Devon, 6 Clifton Place, and one from his home in retirement, Cherwell Edge, Oxford.

Correspondents include his Manchester friend the Rev William Gaskell (husband of Elizabeth Gaskell), Sir John Harding, Lady Westbury, wife of the Lord Chancellor, the writer Emily Eden, Lady Salisbury, wife of the prime minister, Lady Lytton, Richard Chenevix Trench, Church of Ireland archbishop of Dublin, Lady Russell, the historian William Mason, Sir Henry Thompson, [?John] Murray, and Charles Merivale.
'I have not read Mr Green's book and therefore do not know what he says. The honours granted to Sir T Boleyn in 1522 prove nothing as to his daughter's influence over the King. Sir Thomas was attached to his court. He had been employed on a confidential mission to the Imperial court and therefore his promotion was a matter of course. ...' (To an unnamed correspondent)

'... People say we are mad to go to Ireland this year. So I suppose we are also every time that we walk in the streets. The proportion of people ?hurt and killed is considerably greater from that I guess than Irish victims. ...' (To Trench)

'... I am meditating a winter in the West Indies ... I feel dead in England. At sea and in the Tropics twenty years are taken off.
With firm back and mind
Yours faithfully ...'
(To [Sir Henry] Thompson)

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