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The image is of one page of a letter to Elliston.

BARTLEY, George (1784-1858). Comedian.
Seven Autograph Letters Signed to Robert William Elliston and others, in all 4 pages 4to (with integral address-leaves), 7 pages 8vo and 1 page 16mo, 1804-1841, where dated Written from the Theatre Royal Covent Garden, 27 Manchester Street and Coventry.
Two letters to Elliston, one to Galt, three to Mrs Tayleur, one to Reynolds; Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, Coventry, and Manchester Street.

'If you will call upon Mr Robertson, and show him this note, it will be sufficient authority for him to renew your Engagement ...'

'... a word about Alladin. I fear it will not pay you. The Houses seem as good with a common play of farce as with expensive pieces. They cry out for good old comedies ...'

[From a long letter (3 pages 4to with address, postmark 17 January 1814) to Elliston.]
[No: 26636]

The image is of one page of a letter to Elliston.

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