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BOSCAWEN, Edward ('Old Dreadnought') (1711-1761). Naval officer and politician.
Document Signed ('Ed: Boscawen'), 1 page folio (oblong) on vellum, 255 x 320 mm. (10 x 12¼ inches), with papered seal; Fort St George (Madras), 1 October 1749. Appointing John Rodolphus de Gingins 'to be second Lieutenant to the Independent Company of Foot whereof George Gordon Esqr. is Captain'. The signature slightly scratchy.

The heading of the document gives Boscawen's authority as 'Rear Admiral of the White Squadron of His Majesty's Fleet, and General and Commander in Chief of all His Majesty's Forces by Sea and Land employ'd upon an expedition to the East Indies'.

Boscawen's present expedition had begun late in 1747 when had hoisted his flag on the Namur and sailed with a small fleet of ships and an army of 1200 men and 800 marines. According to Oxford DNB he had beseiged the French at Fort St David until news of a peace treaty reached the area in November 1748. Early the next year his ship the Namur was lost in a hurricane, fortunately when Boscawen and his staff were ashore. He left for England later in the month of the present document, arriving there in April 1750, where he set to work on improvements (demolition etc.) of his estate and house at Hatchland in Surrey.

Much of the career of De Gingins, then senior captain at Fort St George, is related in Memoir of Captain Dalton / Defender of Trichinopoly, 1752-1753, by Charles Dalton, London 1886 (full text available online).
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