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[LAWRENCE, Thomas (1711-1783). Physician. Friend and physician to Samuel Johnson.]
The original manuscript of the biography of Lawrence for the Gentleman's Magazine, 1787, pages 191-193. 4 pages large folio. An anonymous account, subsequently reprinted in Censura Literaria (1805), pages 198 ff. and used in large part by the Dictionary of National Biography, ed. Sidney Lee, 1892. Inaccurately annotated at the head in pencil.

An authoritative and much-copied account, heavily annotated with authorial additions, deletions, interlineations etc. Lacking the final paragraph of the published text, but incorporating notes etc. not used in the final version. The text opens with the words 'Mr Urban', i.e. it is addressed to the editor of the Gentleman's Magazine under the pseudonym adopted by the first of the line, Edward Cave (1691-1754) and continued by his successors. The version in Censura Literaria comments on the authorship of the piece as follows: 'I can add little to this just, modest, and well-written account, which I suspect came from a very near and accomplished relation of the subject of it.'
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The image is of page 1 (of four)

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