MURDOCH, Dame Iris, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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MURDOCH, Dame Iris (1919-1999). Novelist.
A series of 9 Autograph Letters Signed, 3 autograph postcards (with an autograph postcard from Murdoch's husband John Bayley) to Roger Sharrock and his wife Betty. With six autograph envelopes, date stamped between 1966 and 1985.

Informal and friendly correspondence to Professor Sharrock and his wife Betty in the form of letters, note cards and postcards spanning nearly 20 years. Mostly written from Murdoch's Steeple Aston home where she lived for thirty years with her husband, the literary critic John Bayley, with one letter from their North Oxford home in Charlbury Road. Professor Roger Sharrock (1919-1990) was an academic specialising in John Bunyan, who held professorships at the University of Durham and King's College London.

Two letters refer to Murdoch's mother's failing health:
'... my mother has been with us since earlier July, getting progressively iller, those who looked after her in London having given up. She has now had a mental collapse followed by a stroke, and it is not clear how far on she will recover. It has been a very sad time. ...' (Steeple Aston, 9 August, no year)

An undated letter (?1983) refers to a piece Sharrock had written on Yeats - 'Yeats - yes, how mixed I feel about him' and discusses his visit to Korea.
'I hope the Koreans understood it. I fear their Buddhism is a bit nasty. No one I talked to would admit to being a Buddhist, though several said they were Confucians! We enjoyed being there - very afflicted country though. ...'

In a more prosaic postcard, John Bayley writes to Betty Sharrock recommending that she tries araldite. 'I do hope it does the trick - I think it will!'

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