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BRADDON, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Maxwell) (1835-1915). Novelist.
'London Pride', corrected page proofs, 345 numbered pages and one blank, unbound, rubber stamp of the printers W. Clowes & Sons, dated 26 April 1895. With the author's corrections, deletions and insertions throughout. Together with the galley proofs of the short story Wild Justice, complete in three galleys (split at the folds), very heavily corrected.

London Pride (the secondary title of 'When the World Was Younger' absent here) was published by Simpkin Marshall & Co. in 1896 and is one of Miss Braddon's later historical romances.

After an early career as an actress and some well-documented brushes with Victorian propriety, culminating in her bigamous liaison with (and later marriage to) the publisher John Maxwell (1820-1895) whose wife had been confined to a Dublin lunatic asylum, Braddon had taken to writing 'penny-dreadful' short stories. Her real success came with the publication of Lady Audley's Secret, the first of her two 'bigamy novels' in 1861. In book form the work was an immediate sensation, and nine editions were printed in the first year. By the time of her death in 1915 she had published over eighty novels as well as the early short stories and several plays, none of them produced.

These proofs are an exemplary model of Miss Braddon's working methods and evince a close attention to detail. 'London Pride' is in excellent condition apart from a little dust-staining, but the galley of 'Wild Justice', on inferior paper, is severely split or separated at the several folds.
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