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WILLIAM III (1650-1702). King of England, Scotland and Ireland, and prince of Orange.
Document Signed, 1 page folio on vellum with the papered seal intact (age-worn with a some holes slightly affecting the text, a little faint), Breda, 22 May 1694. Countersigned in the lower left hand corner by William Blathwayt (ca 1650-1717).

A commission, in the name of the king and queen, but signed by William alone, for Constantine Egan as ensign of the 'Company and Regiment of Foot Commanded by Our Trusty and Welbeloved Colonel Richard Ingoldsby'.

Signed during William's long drawn out campaign in Flanders against Louis XIV's expansionary ambitions. Despite being in a 'grand alliance' with Scotland, Austria, Spain Savoy and many German states, William's forces suffered many setbacks between 1690 and the signing of the treaty of Ryswick in September 1697.

William had extended the twelfth-century castle of Breda between 1686 and 1695, and it is likely that the present document was signed there.

Oxford DNB records that William Blathwayt, when employed as a young man at the embassy at The Hague, was the only official who knew Dutch, and it was for this reason that Blathwayt, as acting secretary of state accompanied William to Flanders.

£850 [No: 26460]
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