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The image is of the invitation only.

[CHURCHILL, Sir Winston Spencer (1874-1965).]
Invitation to the State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill for Mrs & Mrs P.W.D. Deakin [sic for F.W.D.] 1 page folio on b.e.s with embossed seals. Together with a page of instructions as to protocol, timings and seating etc., issued in the name of the Earl Marshal, the Duke of Norfolk. Also included is the seating plan for a lunch a Buckingham Palace at which the

William Deakin (1913-2005) had been Churchill's research assistant in the mid- to late 1930s worked on Marlborough: his Life and Times and A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. He soon became a close friend of Churchill's as well as his political confidant. As a special operations officer during the war he had led the British military mission to Tito in Yugoslavia and parachuted into Montenegro in May 1943; he and Tito were wounded by the same bomb which killed his fellow officer. He returned to academia after the war, and was appointed chief researcher in the team which assisted Churchill in the writing of The Second World War. In 1950 he became the first head of St Antony's College, Oxford and in 1975 he was knighted.

Also included is the seating plan for a luncheon at Buckingham Palace on 8 November 1971 at which the Deakins were present.
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The image is of the invitation only.

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