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MILLAIS, Sir John Everett (1829-1896). Painter.
Autograph Letter Signed ('John Everett Millais') to an unnamed correspondent ('Dear Sir'), 1 page 8vo, Annat Lodge, Perth, no date. Apologising that his drawings are in London and he cannot reach them as he is currently staying in Scotland, but promising to attend to a request when he returns.
'All my drawings are in London under lock and key, and as I am living for the present in Scotland I cannot get at them, so that I cannot acquiesce with your wishes as I otherwise would - I will not forget my promise when I return. ...'
Millais had earlier struck up a friendship with the critic John Ruskin whose young wife, Effie, had posed as the model for the loyal Jacobite wife in his painting The Order of Release. In June 1853 after completing this painting, Millais and the Ruskins left together for a visit to Scotland where Ruskin encouraged his painting. During the four months they spent there, Millais and Effie fell in love. She later left Ruskin and in 1855 married Millais. To escape the initial bitterness and gossip surrounding their marriage, they spent the first six years of their life together chiefly in Perth, renting Annat Lodge between 1855 and 1857.
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