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PEMBERTON, Charles Reece (1790-1840). Actor & public lecturer.
Autograph Letter Signed (without salutation) to Pearson, 3 pages 4to, 'At Mr Robinson's', 5 August 1826. A lengthy attempt to secure Pearson's patronage, utilising both pathos and braggadocio.
'... for they will not come to hear & judge - and in more than one instance have expressions of regret been sent after me, from such persons, that they had treated with indifference and neglect the man who, they discovered afterwards, had such claims on their attention especially.
 'I would not have given him the trouble of reading this note ... if I had not been taught to believe he is a gentleman of taste, refinement, one whose mind gives a liberal direction to his feelings and inclines him to foster talent ...'

£45 [No: 26356]
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