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CASALS, Pablo (1876-1973). Spanish cellist.
Autograph Letter Signed in French to [Nancy] Macdonald, 1 page 8vo (oblong) on paper of the Festival de Prades (lightly mounted, one small hole not affecting the text), 15 July 1953. Thanking her for a donation, and explaining that he is still short of funds.

He is grateful for the 17,500 francs donated (to aid the exiled Spanish loyalists from Franco's Spain), but saying that he still needs more money due to numerous demands and that he is having to use his own, although he is no longer in a position to do so. Informing her that he will send her the names and addresses of the people who were helped by the donations received by her, and that any further donations she can send will be needed as the applications continue.
'. J'ai de nombreuses demandes d'aide et naturellement vos envois ne suffisent pas - pour des cas très pressés j'use de mon argent malgrè que je ne sois plus en situation de cet effort. .'

Nancy Macdonald, an affluent American anarchist and philanthropist, founded Spanish Refugee Aid (SRA) in 1953 to help the Spanish exiles defeated in the Spanish Civil War who had fled across the Pyrenees and gained refuge in southwestern France. Pablo Casals had made an international appeal for the Spanish Republicans during the Spanish Civil War and after their defeat, vowed never to return to his native country. He served as SRA's honorary chairman from its inception and together with Francine Faure, the wife of Albert Camus, distributed the aid in France.
[No: 26285]

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