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HAZLITT, William (1778-1830). Writer and painter.
Autograph Manuscript, part of Hazlitt's essay On Liberty and Necessity, 1 page 4to, no date (watermark. 1807).

This fragment, a quotation from Thomas Hobbes, is to be found in Literary Remains of the Late William Hazlitt: With a Notice of His Life by William Hazlitt [jnr.], Edward Bulwer Lytton, Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd [and] Charles Lamb, London 1836.Hazlitt's son was present when the writer died penniless aged 52 in London. He edited and oversaw the publication of various posthumous essays, including 'The Literary Remains' in two volumes, to which he also contributed a biographical essay.The text in the published edition corresponds closely to this fragment, written fluently with no corrections.
'["]... Lastly, I hold that the ordinary definition of a free agent, namely that a free agent is that which when all things are present which are necessary to produce the effect can nevertheless not produce it, implies a contradiction, & is nonsense, being as much as to say, the cause may be sufficient, that is to say, necessary, & yet the effect shall not follow".'

Autograph manuscripts by Hazlitt are rarely on the market.
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