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MILNE, Alan Alexander (1882-1956). Novelist and playwright.
Autograph Manuscript, in pencil, 2 pages 8vo on his Mallord Street paper but from The Library, Cotchford Farm, 31 December 1943. The manuscript concludes with a small sketch and the words 'Signed: Hippolindo the Neverwright (but always willing)'.

Seven numbered paragraphs predicting an invasion across the Channel, Russian victories, and the overthrow of Hitler, and referring to both himself and his son, Christopher Robin ('Moon').

'... 1. A full-scale invasion will be made across the Channel by April 7th. There will be at least three more raids on Berlin before this, the last one, coinciding with the night of the invasion.
2. By this date the Russians will have reached the [
small sketch of a ?spider], and will start an all-out avalanche of irresistible ferocity.
3. The French will land in the South within a week of the Channel landing, and within another fortnight Moon [
Christoper Robin] will be in Rome.
4. By the end of April there will be an invasion of Dalmatia from Italy. ...
5. It is possible that at about this time Sweden will come into the war. ...
6. With the elimination of her Allies by the end of March, and of herself from the coast of France, Germany will crash ...
7. At the end of August the other Lt Milne [Christopher Robin (Milne was also a lieutenant)] will arrive ... eat apples, and tell us all about it.'

Although he held strong pacifist convictions Milne had been commissioned into the Warwickshire regiment and served as a signals officer during the first World War. He wrote little about his experiences on the Somme and elsewhere, but he spoke out with the conviction that war should be avoided (Peace with Honour, 1934), and later that Hitler should be opposed (War with Honour, 1940).
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