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CARLYLE, Thomas (1795-1881). Essayist and historian.
Autograph Letter Signed to [Edward Rogers], 2 pages 16mo on very thin black-edged paper with blank leaf, Chelsea, 11 February 1868. With a transcription in a more legible hand. Thanking him for the gift of Some Account of the Life and Opinions of a Fifth-Monarchy-Man (London, Longmans, Green etc. 1867).

The Fifth Monarchists were a group of Christians at the time of the English Civil War and Commonwealth who held the belief that a Fifth Monarchy or Empire would arise following those of Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome, founding their idea on the dream of Nebuchadezzar in Daniel II of the Old Testament.
'I received your Fifth-Monarchy-Man and have gone over that curious record of his earthly Pilgrimage, enveloped (as all men's is) in strange clouds and hallucinations!. He is not discreditable to you as an ancestor. ... what I most admired in that "Interview" and throughout, was the almost incredible patience of O[liver] C[romwell] Protector (and Governor) of England with him and the like of him, in those perilous conditions of the Commonwealth. The book will be an ornament to my small Puritan collection ...'

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The image is of the first page.

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