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GRAHAME, Kenneth (1859-1932). Author.
Autograph Letter Signed to The Revd W.F. Moulton, 1 page 8vo on writing paper of the Bank of England, 21 April 1909. Agreeing to see Mr Gough ('at any time during business hours, if he will take his chance of finding me disengaged') with reservations.

'... I am sure you will readily understand that it would not be possible for me to give definite advice to a clerk as to his prospects on quitting a Branch or remaining there. ...'

Grahame was at this time secretary of the Bank of England. He entered the bank as a 'gentleman clerk' at the age of twenty, having obtained the highest score of any applicant in the essay which was part of the application process. He became Secretary in 1898 and retired in 1908.
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