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DICKENS, Charles (1812-1870). Novelist.
Attractive Autograph Letter Signed to his publisher Edward Chapman (1804-1880), 1 page 8vo (lightly tipped by second sheet to brown card), Tavistock House, 20 November 1854. Agreeing to receive the whole set of Lever's works, and replying to a request by Chapman.

'... Generally speaking I like alterations of form very little - and imitations of anything, still less. But I will consider your suggestion between this present year 1854, and the good time coming (perhaps) when the peaceful arts shall be heard of again.'

The 'suggestion' is probably a reference to the publication of the second series of Cheap Editions.

Dickens refers to the novelist Charles Lever (1806-1872) whose six novels were published by Chapman and Hall.

See The Letters of Charles Dickens, ed. Storey, Tillotson and Easson, Oxford 1993, Vol. 7, page 470.
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