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CONRAD, Joseph (1857-1924). Author.
Document Signed at the foot, 3 pages large folio on a pre-printed form, completed in manuscript, June 1910. A memorandum of agreement between Conrad and Edward Ward Oliver for the lease of Capel House at Warehorne in Kent for the sum of £45 payable quarterly.

Conrad moved to Capel House following a bout of illness, first diagnosed as gout and then characterised as a complete breakdown in health. He found the new house much to his liking, stating I can work here. We are surrounded by woods and the soil is clay, but the house is sympathetic.

Despite his slow convalescence, Conrad was able to write Chance which was serialised in the New York Herald and which brought a favourable change to Conrad's fortunes.

The Conrads lived happily at Capel House until 1921.
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The image is of the third page only.

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