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GARRARD, Apsley George Benet Cherry- (1886-1959). Antarctic explorer.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Apsley Cherry-Garrard') to Miss Thorogood, 1 page 8vo, Lamer Park, Wheathampstead, 22 November 1938. Thanking her for writing and letting him know that she had enjoyed reading 'the Worst Journey'.

Cherry-Garrard's account of the journey that he, Edward Wilson and 'Birdie' Bowers undertook during Scott's last and fatal Antarctic expedition in 1911, to collect specimen eggs from a colony of emperor penguins, The Worst Journey in the World, was first published in 1922. In the words of Mark Pottle in ODNB the sortie 'entailed a hazardous round trip of 120 miles in darkness, at temperatures in excess of -70°F, an exploit which is still without parallel in the annals of polar exploration'.

It is surprising, given the routine nature of the present letter and Cherry-Garrard's longevity (he survived Scott's last expedition by nearly 50 years) that his letters are remarkably scarce on the market.
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