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DARWIN, Charles (1809-1882). Naturalist.
Letter Signed to Herrn Christophe in Eyd[t]kuhnen, Werballen, Germany (now Russia), 1 page 8vo with blank leaf and envelope, Down, Beckenham, Kent, 12 February 1879. The envelope in two pieces and discoloured from an old tape repair; the letter in good condition.

Replying to a message of congratulations on his [seventieth] birthday (this day).

Not to be found in The Correspondence (online), and no other letters are known to or from this Christophe, whose identity remains a mystery. Darwin replied to rather a lot of letters this day, which probably explains why the body of the present letter is not in his hand but (probably) that of his wife, Emma.
[No: 26009]

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